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We envision a world where every pediatric cancer patient has an uplifting space for hope and healing.
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Designing Dreams transforms the bedrooms of children fighting cancer and cancer-like conditions. Ultimately providing a uplifting space for hope and healing.

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We accept applications on an ongoing basis for children 4 - 14 years of age with cancer and cancer - like conditions, currently undergoing treatment.

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We are searching for passionate, talented, and joyful volunteers. Our team is lead by a small community of driven individuals in a fun-loving environment.

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Our Founder's Story: The Culmination of Creativity and Healing

Designing Dreams transforms bedrooms of kids actively fighting cancer, giving them a positive and uplifting space to heal and hope.

Kelly O'Donnell
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Designing Dreams COVID-19 Response: Pausing Bedroom Transformations

As time passes and the public health crisis of COVID19 continues, we have paused Designing Dreams bedroom transformations.

Lauren Curwick
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An Uplifting, Glitter-Inspired Space for Valerie's Long Road of Treatment

Filling Valerie's room with all the things she loves was a special day as she braces for a long road of treatment.

Lauren Curwick
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Our Impact

We have completed 21 incredible bedroom redesigns, check out them out.


March 3, 2019


February 2, 2019


November 17, 2018


June 17, 2018


April 28, 2018


March 18, 2018

What They Say?

What they Say?

“Just to be selected gave her hope and happy thoughts, just from being selected alone, the positivity started right away,”

Angela, Parent

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