Bringing the "Designing Dreams" Dream to Life.    

Ever since Lauren Curwick was a little girl she dreamed of becoming a physician, specializing in the area of pediatric oncology. When she began college at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Lauren immediately began searching for a volunteer position where she could work with children battling cancer and other critical illnesses. By sophomore year she had yet to find a position that fulfilled her desire for a hands-on experience making a difference in children’s lives. The only logical solution she could think of was to start her own, unique organization, and she became set on bringing this dream to life.

Lauren sought to create an organization that could make a direct, positive impact on children battling critical illnesses. Her mother Mardel, an interior designer, proposed the idea of redesigning children’s bedrooms, and Lauren instantly responded, “Designing Dreams!” In November 2012, Lauren recruited four close friends from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities - Teal Johnson, Gracia Johnson, Rebecca Scott, and Erin Monasterio - to form the founding executive board. From that moment on, Designing Dreams was no longer an idea; it was an action plan. Since its foundation in 2012, Designing Dreams has transformed the bedrooms and lives of 20 inspirational and deserving children battling cancer or cancer-like conditions. In the years to come, Designing Dreams hopes to continue to provide many more young patients with a space for happiness and healing in the bedroom of their dreams.

by Kelly O'Donnell

Executive Director

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