About Designing Dreams

Designing Dreams was started by college students in 2015 in Beaver Dam, WI. We transformed the bedroom of a little girl, Jesse, that fought cancer from the time she was 3-years-old until succumbed to the disease at the age of 16. We saw the impact this bedroom transformation had on Jesse, and the entire family, for the years she was fighting. Although Jesse lost her battle with cancer, to this day her family still hasn't changed a thing about her room and they continue to go into Jesse's room to remember her.

This bedroom transformation has fueled our ambition to help more children, like Jesse. To date, we have completed 31 bedroom transformations across 3 states. Our bedroom transformations are far beyond just a bedroom makeover - we partner with professional interior designers, functional space experts, and professional organizers to completely overhaul the space. We replace the flooring, light fixtures, and all the furniture. Our rooms often entail hand-painted murals, custom build furniture, and many more aspects especially designed for each child.

We are grounded in research on how the physical space someone is in can affect their emotional well-being. Each bedroom is designed for the child's hobbies, likes, and interests while taking into account their medical needs. On average a bedroom transformation's value is $15,000-20,000 and takes us 3 months to design and install.

"Designing Dreams has brightened up the absolute darkest period of our lives." - Haylee's Mom, Bedroom Recipient

100 San Diego Bedroom Transformations over Five Years

While there are many programs impacting children fighting cancer, these programs often rely on the child feeling well enough, and their immune systems strong enough, to participate. They are often one-time experiences or trips. However, our bedroom transformations are there for each child every day throughout the 2-3 years they are fighting cancer. Our bedrooms serve as a healing oasis on the difficult days of treatment and play space on the days when they are feeling up for the activities they love. They serve as a sanctuary for hope, joy, and healing.

While we are proud to have transformed 31 bedrooms across 3 states, the reality is we are turning away children across the country that are requesting a bedroom transformation.

Our biggest reason for having to turn a child away is a lack of funding. We have launched a campaign to raise $2,000,000 to transform 100 San Diego bedrooms over 5 years while continuing our plans to open regional chapters of Designing Dreams nationwide.

We are hopeful, that with your help, we won't ever have to turn away a child in need of an uplifting space for hope and healing as they fight for their life.

“Of all of the programs helping kids with cancer, this is the one that really
makes a difference through the years of treatment." - Keely's Mom, Bedroom Recipient

Join Our Campaign

Leader of Hope: $200,000+

Leaders of Hope are visionary leaders that have a profound impact on the long term mission and vision of Designing Dreams.

Miracle Maker: $100,000 - $199,999

Miracle Makers are just that, miracle makers. They understand the what it takes to bring this charity to a San Diego and are committed to helping the many unserved children. 

Champion of Healing: $50,000 - $99,999

Champions of Healing understand that healing from cancer involves more than just the treatment itself. A positive and uplifting healing environment is critical to combat the social-emotional side effects children face during their fight against cancer. 

Advocate of Joy: $20,000 - $49,999

Advocates of Joy know that kids fighting cancer are too immunocompromised to live a normal life outside the home. Advocates of joy ensure joy is brought to children through  our bedroom remodels. 

All contributions are greatly appreciated and collectively make a huge impact on our mission.

"We are filled with renewed hope by imagining our daughter growing up in her new room. It has really helped us feel not alone in this battle, and it really restores our faith in humanity that people care about our daughter enough to go so far and above to bring smiles to our faces." - Lia's Mom, Bedroom Recipient

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Thousands Needs

17,000 children are Diagnosed with cancer each year.

By supporting our capital campaign, you can help us reach children nationwide.
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