Meet our fourth bedroom recipient, Hailey! Hailey is a beautiful ten-year-old girl from Wisconsin who was diagnosed with high-grade anaplastic ependymoma in 2007. Anaplastic ependymoma is a condition that causes cancerous tumors in both her brain and spine. Hailey is a tough little girl who has undergone numerous surgeries, radiation and chemo treatments, as well as difficult procedures including spinal taps, MRIs, and more. She is currently enduring daily oral chemo treatments at home in addition to chemotherapy at the hospital every two weeks. Through the midst of her treatments, we are ecstatic to provide Hailey with an unforgettable bedroom transformation that can help take her mind off of her many treatments

Hailey has an infectious smile and brings a joyful presence into every room. She is extremely outgoing, and she loves to draw. Hailey especially enjoys writing cards to people that are sick. Like many young girls, pink and purple are her favorite colors. Hailey loves music and also the outdoors - one of her favorite things is to go fishing with her dad.

The Designing Dreams team was beyond excited to complete Hailey’s transformation in October 2015! Our goal was to capture her bright spirit within our work. Our team felt privileged to work with such an inspiring, positive, beautiful fighter. #TeamHailey

by Kelly O'Donnell

Executive Director

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