Dakaicia, age 12, was diagnosed with lymphoma in August of 2017. However, this is not her first major medical battle faced. She experienced kidney failure in January of 2013 and was placed on dialysis until May 2017 when she underwent a kidney transplant. 3 months later, she was diagnosed with the unimaginable, cancer. She currently receives chemotherapy in the hospital every Thursday. Dakaicia has had many hospital stays due to complications, blood transfusions, and side effects.

Dakaicia is a sweet, shy girl who has wonderful aspirations of becoming an astronomist or archeologist. She loves anything space related. Her interests also include creative projects related to astrology, painting, or building Legos. Her favorite books are the Harry Potter series, which she is in the process of reading for the first time. When able to, she loves to visit the Planetarium and Discovery World with her grandma. Another favorite of hers is playing video games. Dakaicia hopes for a blue and purple colored space, books to fill her shelves, and maybe even a telescope!

One of Dakaicia’s favorite things is playing outside with her friends, but unfortunately her treatment has affected her ability to do so. She now spends the majority of her time in her room to rest and recover. We were so excited to be able to get to know Dakaicia and her grandmother. Our goal was to transform her room into the perfect escape where she can create, learn about space, explore her curiosity, and most importantly, recover in a positive, encouraging environment. We are #TeamDakaicia.

by Kelly O'Donnell

Executive Director

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