At six years old, much of Nathan’s life has been consumed by his stage 4 Lymphoma diagnosis. The treatment is two and a half years long and requires a daily chemo pill, another weekly chemo pill, lumbar punctures with chemo every 90 days, monthly chemo infusions, five days of high-dose steroids monthly, and the list goes on. His life is a testament of his willpower, as he has survived being in the hospital for months at a time for treatment, including being on life support for two months. As Nathan is now on the road towards recovery, and after delays due to covid, we were so excited to finally be able to design Nathan’s dream- a room to play in and share with his twin brother Justin!

Nathan is joyful and bubbly, with an affinity for arts and crafts, rainbows, and most of all, Nintendo! Mario is his favorite character, and the game has been a source of happiness for him, especially during long hospital stays. We wanted to make sure he feels this same happiness every time he enters his room, so we included a large mural of all the Nintendo characters on his wall. The room also features bunk beds with fun rainbow polka dotted sheets, and the perfect table for doing arts and crafts and playing games with his siblings. 

Nathan’s parents shared this brief documentary with us, encapsulating “a broader vision of his trials and tribulations that were not part of his standard cancer treatment, and how he pulled through and defied odds.” They commented that, “We are so lucky he is still with us. Every day is a gift”, and we could not agree more. We are so happy that Nathan loves his new room!

by Kelly O'Donnell

Executive Director

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