Clementine (Emmy), age 8, was diagnosed in November 2016 with bleeding on the brain due to a tumor. After a successful surgery to remove the tumor, her family had the final devastating diagnosis of cancer, Glioblastoma Multiforme grade 4 (GBM). She went through 6 weeks of radiation and is now participating in a clinical trial in Pittsburgh to increase her chances of a positive prognosis. The trial is run by the University of Pittsburgh at Children’s.

Clementine is a wonderful, loving 8 year-old little girl who is continuously expressing generosity and thinking about others, especially her sister Penelope (Penny). She enjoys expressing her creativity throwing different outfits together, and her family jokes that she could be the next Betsy Johnson. Her unique creativity also extends to her art projects. Emmy and Penny hoped to have cozy spaces to curl up and read their books.

Despite the difficult battle Clementine is facing, she continues to remain positive and think about others. Designing Dreams' goal was to create a perfect escape for Penny and Emmy where they can read a good book or create a masterpiece. Emmy lights up a room with her smile and her positive energy is undeniable. It was wonderful getting to know Emmy and her entire family. #TeamClementine

by Kelly O'Donnell

Executive Director

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