Meet out next bedroom recipient, Mason! Mason is an adorable four-year-old boy from St. Paul, Minnesota who was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) when he was two. ALL is a cancer of the white blood cells, the cells that are used to fight infections. Since his initial diagnosis, he has undergone induction therapy and has also endured many rounds of both intravenous (IV) and spinal chemotherapy. Mason has responded very well to treatment – yet he continues to receive monthly IV chemotherapy as well as spinal chemotherapy every three months. In addition to receiving chemotherapy at the hospital, he has many medications to take, sometimes reaching up to 14 pills in a single day. As a result of Mason’s extensive treatment, he has chronic leg pain, making it hard for him to keep up with his brother and sister (Kole and Ava). However, this doesn’t stop him from being the wild and fun little boy that he is!

Mason is truly a trooper and always has a smile on his face, which is extremely inspirational considering his difficult treatment. Mason currently shares a room with his twin brother, Kole. It is no surprise that Mason and his brother have a special bond; Kole always misses his brother during the hospital stays and numerous medical appointments Mason must attend. Both boys admire superheros: Mason loves Batman, while his brother loves Spiderman. The twins spend time coloring together, and often show off their artwork around their room.

The Designing Dreams team loved giving Mason a new reason to smile throughout the midst of all his treatments; a fun new room to play in, filled with his favorite toys! We hoped to transform Mason and Kole’s bedroom, capturing their energetic, fun spirits. Our team love to work with such an inspiring, bubbly fighter and his family in May 2016. #TeamMason

by Kelly O'Donnell

Executive Director

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