Bella is a spunky 14 year-old girl with an obsession for makeup and a creative passion for painting, DIY projects, watching Netflix, making videos and singing. She also enjoys biking and mountain biking.  Her favorite colors include lavender, baby blue, dusty rose and maroon. Bella’s dream job is to be a movie makeup artist or actress.

In December 2015, Bella developed a hard lump on her left hand after hanging from a pull up bar. Her primary care physician ordered X-Rays, which showed damage to the bone in her hand. A follow-up CT scan showed probable malignancy. After surgical excision of her tumor, Bella was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare cancer that affects connective tissue in the body. Throughout 2016, Bella endured a long, difficult treatment path. She underwent chemotherapy weekly, sometimes daily for a week, from the end of January 2016 until just recently. She also received daily doses of regular and highly concentrated radiation for 5½ weeks. Through her strength and perseverance, Bella’s treatment has shown excellent results.

Bella has remained optimistic throughout her journey, immersing herself in artistic activities and keeping a courageous, positive attitude. We hope to surround Bella with her favorite things, providing her a room where she can let her creativity soar, whether it is doing makeup, creating art pieces, or making movies. Designing Dreams is so excited to work with this glamorous girl and her family throughout late winter of 2017!

by Kelly O'Donnell

Executive Director

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