Bebo's Skateboarding Sanctuary To Face Relapse

Skateboarding was Bebo’s favorite activity before he got sick. Unfortunately a diagnosis of very high risk leukemia lead to mobility limitations, preventing him from participating in his passion. Bebo had almost made it entirely through treatment when he relapsed with only one month left. This meant he had to start an intense relapse protocol and begin new treatment that would span the next two years. Additionally, Bebo started having pain in his legs, which an MRI confirmed to be avascular necrosis, a common side effect of leukemia treatment causing the death of his bone in his femur, tibia, and knee on both legs. As more treatment, several surgeries, and potential knee replacements lie ahead of Bebo, Designing Dreams wanted to bring what he loved most indoors with a skateboarding themed room.

Bebo is lucky enough to receive a lot of sibling love. He comes from a large family with 6 brothers and 2 sisters. So, the first challenge of his room design was creating a space for him and the two brothers that share the room to sleep. We had custom bunkbeds built on one wall of the room, with a lofted desk underneath one of the top beds. We also had a large set of drawers (so that each boy received their own allotment), as well as a hanging skateboard holder custom made. Bebo’s favorite colors are red and black, so all of the built-ins were painted black and red LED lights lined the lofted desk area. We added a TV on the wall opposite the beds, a large rug, lighting fixtures, and skateboarding pillows and wall decorations for finishing touches. 

Bebo had his whole family there on the day of his bedroom reveal, and everyone loved the new room!

by Kelly O'Donnell

Executive Director

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