Our Mission

We create healing spaces for children with cancer bringing hope and happiness to their families ♥.

Our principle activity is to redesign bedrooms for children with cancer, and cancer - like conditions, at their home. We completely redecorate the bedroom by painting murals, purchasing new furniture, choosing an overall theme, and more, to meet the desires of the child and his or her family.

From Humble Beginings

Lauren sought to create an organization that could make a direct, positive impact on children battling critical illnesses.

During Lauren's Sophomore year of college she decided to create an organization that would make a direct, positive impact on children battling cancer. Her mother Mardel, an interior designer, proposed the idea of redesigning children’s bedrooms, and Lauren instantly responded, “Designing Dreams!” Learn more about how Designing Dreams began.

What They Say?

Our Core Values

Our core values are the principals we live by.

Have Passion: Our hearts and minds are wired to help.

Build Relationships: Empathy is everything.

Practice Integrity: We do the right thing.

Happiness is Key: We are zealous, creative, positive, and fun-loving.

Be Bold: We are courageous in our endeavors to make an impact.

Foster Leadership: We lead by example and listen to all ideas.

Embrace Togetherness: We laugh, celebrate, encourage, inspire, collaborate, and grow — together.

Success Stories!

Board of Directors

Designing Dreams is a volunteer-based team of driven individuals in a fun-loving environment.

Ken Bockhorst

Board Member
President, Badger Meter

Ken joined Badger Meter in October 2017 as Chief Operating Officer, and was appointed President in April 2018. Prior to Badger Meter he served as EVP of Actuant’s Energy Segment.

Stefanie Book

Board Member
Fixed Income Trader, Allianz Investment Management

Stefanie earned her BA in Economics from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. She is currently working as a Fixed Income Trader.

Lauren Curwick

Co-Founder & Board President
Medical Student, College of Wisconsin

Lauren attends medical school at the Medical College of Wisconsin and is on track to become a physician in 2021.

Mardel Curwick

Co-Founder & Director of Design
Founder, The Elegant Interior

Mardel founded and operates a design business, The Elegant Interior. She also leads the design of all bedroom redesigns for Designing Dreams.

Todd Hedberg

Board Member
Managing Partner, Commercial Real Estate

Todd is the managing partner of over 300,000 sq. ft. of commercial space in the Wisconsin market. His background focuses extensively on sales, marketing, and budget preparation.

Teal Johnson

Board Member
Attorney, Melvin & Melvin, PLLC

Teal received her B.S. in Psychology from UMN-Twin Cities and J.D. from Syracuse University. She is an attorney specializing in Commercial Litigation, Creditors Rights, and Bankruptcy.

Erin Monasterio

Board Member
Call Center Supervisor, UMN Foundation

Erin holds a Bachelor's degree from University of Minnesota- Twin Cities in Communication Studies. She works at the University of Minnesota Foundation as the Call Center Supervisor.

Kelly O'Donnell

Board Member and Executive Director
CEO, Lively Digital Marketing

Kelly holds an MBA in Social Impact & Leadership from Boston University and a Digital Marketing Certificate from Cornell University. She is the Founder of Lively Digital Marketing.

Mark Roedl

Board Member
Area Sales Manager, Key Technology

Mark has been involved in sales and account management for over 30 years, primarily in the food processing industry. He is a proud supporter of Designing Dreams.